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Mopoke and Morepork! - Mistress O the Quill


Short Stories


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Mopoke and Morepork!

This is the tail, and feathers, of two cousins. One lives across the ditch (Tasman sea) in New Zealand, the other in Australia.. Now these two winged creatures of the Owl family are distinct one from another as you will see, not just in size or appearance but in....well you read for yourself, I think you'll get the gist of it..BTW I'm the Narrator :)


Mopoke and MorePork!



Our Story begins pretty much like any other story..In the lush fertile bush lands, amid the mist, neath the mountains.....

"Oi Can you just get on with the story, squawk Mo and More"?

"Fine, I was just trying to give you a decent intro, but it's your call, "says me the Narrator :)

Now Mo has just flapped in on a good tail wind from across the sea, and so he finds More, sitting in his perch in the bush..
and they greet each other with the usual courtesies of close cousins.

"G'day More, how's me little mate gettin on, out here in the middle of nowhere."
"Yeah good Mo, nice of you to just drop in like this, and a bit less of the little if you don't mind eh!"

"Nice pair of birds aren't they!!

"So what brings you over to my neck of the woods, at this time of the night eh Mo," says More wryly! "Miss me did yah"?

"Oh no, you know, just looking for something to do, thought I'd stretch me Big long feathers out," says Mo with a distinct air of superiority!

"Typical, you just can't admit that you miss me, and our conversations can yah," More clucks with a snicker." So what's happening over the ditch Mo? Anything interestin?"

"Nah mate" says Mo, shuffling about," same old same old. "Ere I have had something pressing on my mind though, that I wanted to ask you"

More of course is expecting a controversial question, as he knows his cousin well and thinks to himself, I bet we are in for another big noting session here tonight.

"Oi I haven't indicated that I am thinking any such thing.says More, "No and I haven't either" says Mo" 

"Well, if you want I can just move on, you can write this story yourselves!! "No alright," they both chime in, "go on, jumpin the gun as usual"

I know these two birds, so I know what's coming haha!.

"More, about that night call of yours!"

" Oh yeah, what about it, MO?"

"Well, it's occurred to me that it's a bit, errr odd, for want of a better word, Mo chirps."

"Nothing odd about it, clucks More, indignantly, it's been the call of our ancestors for hundreds of years, in fact I believe it was actually noted in the Guinness book of records as being the most eeeerrieee night call.."

"Take a breath there little mate, speels Mo, you'll wind yourself"

"Not amused" says More, and begins to preen his feathers furiously!

"Can you get your head outa your feathers for a minute and just listen to me when I'm talking to you," says Mo with a leer on his face!

"What and listen to you prattle on about my perculiar night call, Huh, says More with an equally silly look on his face!

"Ah not nice there, if you don't mind..."OOOOPS sorry, just and observation, says narrator smiling.

"Alright Mo, get it off your chest, you're gonna bug me all night anyway, so let's just be having it" sighs More.

"Well don't you think that calling out Pork is a bit, you know, odd"

Nuffin odd about it, why should it be odd, name one thing that's odd about it, go on I bet you can't?

"HAHA,"Chuckles Mo, "two right it's odd, I mean who is going to take Pork seriously, and besides it dosent really mean anything, "Mo sneers, at his smaller and more feisty cousin.

"Well if you think that Pork dosent represent anything in particular, then what do you call, Poke, eh," says More, Poking fun at Mo, literally!

"Let me tell you what it represents, it means, aaaamm, well it means that at least I am poking around looking for food," says More assuredly.

"Oooh, chirps More, is that what it means, and all this time, I thought you just couldn't pronounce Pork properly,  he says with a laugh!

"Now that will be enough cheek outa you, you of the smaller species." "Why does it have to be Pork anyway, like, can't you say Lamb, I mean to say, there's no shortage of them around here, is there," says Mo calmly!

By this time the heated exchange between these extreemly close cousins is rather excited and loud, so any interjectory remarks that I make at this point will more than likely be lost on them!! haha, I like being the Narrator!

" Right that's it, I'm telling you that my call is appropriate, there's nothing wrong with it" says More, Jumping up and down and flapping excitedly on his perch, "besides there are plenty of wild bush pigs around here," he huffs!

"All right all right little mate, says Mo, in such a condescending tone, that aggravates More even...More," Don't get you're feathers all in a flap"


"Pork, pork,  Ok"

"And I'm not little either, just finer built, thanks!"

" Are so, chirp chirp"

" Am not" 

" R so," says Mo and pats More on the head"

"Not little, and it's Pork," More retorts loudly.

"ARE SO, and it's lamb," Mo chimes back!.


And so it goes, on through the night, where even the screech owl takes flight. So if you happen to be out hunting on a crisp cool night, and hear the sound of Lamb, or Pork mentioned, in an eeeerrriee tone, like the distant call to a smorgasboard dinner, don't worry, it's just these pair, arguing as usual over nothing, in the heart of the lush fertile bush lands, amid the mist, neath the mountainous, rugged, undulating terrain of the shores known as Aotearoa! There I said it, Nice to have the last word, isn't it!


" You could talk underwater with a mouthful of marbles"


The End


Ch'erie de Perrot
Copywritten 11/06/07 
CAL ( Copyright Australia Ltd)
All Rights Reserved